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Bowling Green has been providing clinically sophisticated treatment since 2004

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Located in historic Chester County, PA, Bowling Green is a leader in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction in the country. We offer residential treatment programs, and even invite your family to participate in the healing process through our family program. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of care possible so you can put your substance abuse in the past and begin living for the future.

Bowling Green is dedicated to You and Your Recovery

For us, your wellbeing and sober achievements are our priority, and we strive to do whatever it takes to help you.

  • We offer evidence-based treatments provided by our highly skilled professionals
  • We promote structure that allows you to feel comfortable an prepared for your next steps at all times

Bowling Green provides unparalleled Amenities and Clinical Staff

When you come to Bowling Green, you will be put up in clean, comfortable rooms with 2-4 other roommates. While we understand that rooming with others might not be your first choice, we encourage it as it promotes peer communication and a strong support system. Outside of your cozy quarters are a variety of different amenities that include a gym and a volleyball court. In addition, all of our meals are homemade, and appeal to a variety of different tastes.

Nestled in Chester County, PA, Bowling Green Brandywine offers beautiful scenic views of the woods and lakes, which promote a serene, yet productive environmental setting. Here, we believe that you will obtain the peace and quiet needed to focus on your complete, comprehensive recovery.

At Bowling Green, not only do we offer a beautiful setting and numerous amenities, but we also offer to you a staff that is incredibly experienced, talented and skilled in the treatment of substance abuse. Each one of our staff members utilizes evidence-based techniques to apply to your course of care, all while offering their continual support and encouragement.

Giving you the best care possible is what the entire team at Bowling Green Brandywine is focused on. Therefore, we strive to make every aspect of your experience (from your living quarters to your sessions with your therapists) comfortable, effective and enjoyable.

Bowling Green provides a treatment plan designed to your needs

We understand that your needs are going to be uniquely personal, which is why we will work with you to devise an effective, independent treatment plan designed just for you. We provide a number of different evidence-based treatments and programs that can help you develop the skills that you need to obtain sobriety. Since 1982, we have been providing life-changing addiction treatment services to those individuals that come to us for help. We have become known as experts in treating opiate addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Get the Insurance Coverage You Deserve

Insurance coverage and attempting to utilize and understand it can be the last thing you or your loved one wants to deal with at this time in your lives. We can make the process of obtaining coverage, receiving reimbursements and more less complex for you. We will help you with all of your insurance needs, including guiding you to keep out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible. We work closely with many major insurance providers, including (but not limited to) CIGNA, Aetna, Humana, United Health Care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and more.

You and your loved one do not deserve to wait one more day. Get the drug and alcohol treatment that your loved one needs by calling us today. We are here for you 24/7, and will be sure to give you every ounce of information needed to get your loved one on the path to sobriety once and for all.

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